Here is a list of resources available in this toolkit, grouped by the section of the toolkit where they appear.

Step 3. Pick a small set of related health, patient experience, and cost measures to start

Patient Experience Survey Item Bank

This item bank contains 27 patient experience survey items to help you build your own patient experience survey. Many of these items come from the Clinician and Group CAHPS surveys and have been cognitively tested to ensure that users understand what is being asked and that the questions capture needed information.

Measure Inventories

This list of measure inventories can help you identify new measures to pursue if existing measures aren’t sufficient for your measurement strategy. 

Step 5. Visualize the Triple Aim

How to Choose a Data Visualization Program

This resource outlines key considerations to keep in mind when making a decision about the data visualization program that is best suited for your health center’s needs.

Excel and Tableau Files

Following is a list of files to help you get started in using your own data to visualize the Triple Aim and guide your thinking about enhanced visualization options.

**These downloads work best in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Please right click on the file you would like to download and click “Save as” in order to access the file. Download a Tableau reader here