Triple AIM Measurement Toolkit

A Resource for Health Centers

Along with other healthcare system leaders, safety net providers are working to increase value—to improve health and patient experience while maintaining or even decreasing costs—in the U.S. healthcare system.

To support community health center leaders, quality improvement teams, and staff in measuring the Triple Aim of health, patient experience, and costs, we offer this web-based Toolkit. 

We at American Institutes for Research and Blue Shield of California Foundation developed this Toolkit based on our work with community health centers and measurement experts over the past three years. The Toolkit provides advice and resources in six steps to help you demonstrate value now to prepare for value-based payment.

In the above video, healthcare transformation expert Amy Boutwell, M.D., M.P.P., introduces the Toolkit and explains the Triple Aim, the three measurement domains, how to identify data and fill data gaps, how to use data to identify improvement opportunities, and how to communicate with key audiences.

Exploring the Toolkit

Make Triple Aim measurement a priority

Measuring the Triple Aim helps community health center leaders demonstrate value and prepare for value-based payment.

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Health center leaders and quality improvement teams should consider available data, payer priorities and prevalent conditions in the area.


Quality improvement teams can develop a measurement strategy around existing data and should be sure to include health, patient experience, and cost measures.


Quality improvement teams can develop patient experience surveys and partner with health plans to get cost data.


Quality improvement teams and data analysts should study health, patient experience, and cost data together across clinic sites, providers and regions.


Community health center leaders should tailor messages about data to key stakeholders.

What You'll find

The Toolkit explains why you should—and more importantly, how you can—measure the Triple Aim and to demonstrate value. You will find:

  • short videos with healthcare delivery expert Amy Boutwell, M.D., M.P.P., who provides context and explains Toolkit topics
  • downloadable resources for patient experience survey items, inventories of measures, and example images to demonstrate value
  • links to relevant reports and websites for more in-depth information about topics
  • a case study applying advice to a hypertension quality improvement program

Watch the launch webinar for the Triple Aim Measurement for Health Centers Toolkit
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